Our values

The founding and management of a company can sometimes be reduced far too quickly at economic values and productivity. At mood, we believe that the company must create other values to ensure sustainable success. Creating value to sustain and develop our company means that we must also demonstrate strong values to our customers, who ensure the sustainability of our company, and to the community in which we all live once the mood hat is hung up at the end of the day.


The foundations of our brand are based on 6 fundamental values that drive our daily decisions: swiss made, creativity, originality, sharing, beauty and family. Swiss know-how is an inseparable virtue of the mood brand, almost all production and creation takes place in our workshops in Orbe. With this label, the brand guarantees impeccable quality on all products leaving its house. The swiss made is certainly essential for the quality guarantee but only carries a part of the company's soul. Creativity, beauty and originality are the crucial aspects of mood culture. Each employee guarantees, in his or her daily work, to cultivate these fundamental values.

In our daily commitment, the words "family" and "sharing" also take on a deep meaning. These terms drive the every day mood creation. Sharing the experiences of our community, their desires and their sensitivity are the ingredients of almost all of our collections. Mood and its customers are a whole and form an incredible community of shared values.


Finally, the term "cause" is also essential to the life of our society. Mood is committed to its customers first and foremost, but we are also committed to helping the community in which we live every day. Throughout the year and to the best of our ability, mood is committed to helping and supporting various causes. The company has turned its words into deeds on many occasions: support for the Make-A-Wish, Zoé4life et Sea Shepherd, foundations/associations, sponsorship of a crew for the "Aïcha des gazelles" rally or donations for the RTS "coeur à coeur" operation.


The principles of the mood society are constantly evolving to adapt to the changing world. However, their essence, which reflects the fundamental values listed in this text, remains unchanged since the founding of mood.