Terms and Conditions of sale and use

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Welcome to the www.yourmood.net website (hereinafter referred to as the Site), owned by mood collection SA, based in Orbe, Switzerland. If you wish to visit or purchase from the Site, you must accept its terms. We therefore recommend that you read these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter: Terms) carefully. Unless otherwise stated, the Site must not be used in any way other than that set out here.

When you visit the Site, you are in direct electronic communication with us. Your use of the Site therefore constitutes consent. Please leave the Site if you do not accept its Terms. In order to constantly improve the quality of our service and the user-friendliness of the Site for our customers, mood collection reserves the right to make changes to the Site at any time and without prior notice, including its content, the products and services offered, its guidelines and these Terms and Conditions. Such changes will also be deemed accepted by your use of the Site.


A - General terms and conditions of sale


  • 1. Orders and payments
  • 2. Size confirmation
  • 3. Order confirmation
  • 4. Exchanges and refunds
  • 5. Use of vouchers and discount codes
  • 6. Use of gift cards
  • 7. Rules for our contests
  • 8. Customized addons
  • 9. Warranties & renovations
  • 10. Warnings and special instructions
  • 11. Shipping
  • 12. International deliveries

  • B - Terms and conditions of sale ‘’ Second hand ‘’

    1. Glossary

    2.Adding and reselling items on the site

    • Authorised items
    • Addition of an item & evaluation of the request
    • Offers for sale
    • Seller remuneration and mood collection SA
    • Checking and certifying items
    • Modifying or deleting an advert
    • Description of the main sorting parameters

    3. Buying and paying for second-hand items on the site

    • Contract between the buyer and mood collection SA
    • Secure payments

    4. Shipping, returns, exchanges and properties

    • Shipping system
    • Item properties
    • Shipping options
    • Shipping costs
    • Shipping commitment
    • Returns and exchanges

    5. Responsibilities

    • Payment of the sale proceeds to the seller
    • Tax
    • Responsibility for checking the item

    6. Rights and obligations

    • Modification of the section and site
    • Securing the pieces





    Licence to access and use the Site 

    mood collection grants you a non-exclusive personal account (hereinafter: personal account) limited to access and private use of the Site. The personal account is non-transferable. The personal account does not give you any right to modify, appropriate, delete or alter the content of the Site in any way whatsoever. The personal account also does not include any right of resale or commercial use of the Site or its content. You have no right to collect, disseminate, assign, transfer or make commercial use, even derivative, of the content of the Site. The personal account does not authorise you to reproduce, copy, create links, sell, resell or exploit for commercial purposes any part of the Site without the written consent of mood collection. No personal account is granted to you to place any part of the Site in any Internet environment or to use the mood collection signs, such as metatags or other portions of hidden text, in any other website or other electronic or printed media.

    We reserve the right to accept, refuse or exclude any person from our online shops and application in the event of abuse or non-compliance with the terms and conditions.



    To order you must create an account, then choose your base and your addons. Be sure to put them in your shopping cart and then validate your order. You will receive an automatic mail confirming the receipt of your order.

    We reserve the right to accept, refuse or exclude any person from our online shops and our application in case of abuse or non-compliance with the general terms and conditions.

    We offer different ways of payment:

    1.1. CREDIT CARD

    Payments by credit card are made at the checkout page. It is possible to pay an order by card in all our stores.

    1.2. PAYPAL

    Payments by PayPal are possible at the checkout page.

    All our PayPal and credit card payments are fully secured.

    We do not store any information about your payment methods and the data transmitted during payments on the Internet are fully encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol using a high security encryption certificate.


    After a positive verification of your creditworthiness, the order will be sent to you as soon as possible. The transfer must imperatively be transmitted within 2 days after purchase.


    Purchase by invoice with partial payment option (POWERPAY)

    As an external payment provider, MF Group/POWERPAY offers the payment option ‘Pay by invoice’. You can simply pay for your online purchase by invoice using the order invoice.

    If you do not make the payment within the specified period, you will receive a subsequent monthly invoice the following month with an order overview.

    When a purchase agreement is made, POWERPAY takes on the amount receivable and processes it using the payment method selected.

    By selecting purchase by invoice, you are also agreeing to our GTC, POWERPAY’s GTC. (powerpay.ch/en/agb).


    You can pay by credit card, debit, cash or Twint in all our stores. The only card that we do not accept for technical reasons is the Postcard.


    Subject to a check of solvency, it is possible to pay an order of a minimum amount of 500.00 Fr. in several times. The limit is 6 down payments.

    For this and for any questions concerning the payment or an invoice, directly contact our accountant at the address compta@yourmood.net


    Reminder fee of CHF 30.- (after 50, 70 and 90 days from the invoice date)

    Processing fees (at the earliest 80 days from the date of invoicing, when sent to a collection service provider) according to the amount of the claim in CHF: 30 (up to 100); 60 (up to 200); 90 (up to 300); 120 (up to 400); 150 (up to 500); 180 (up to 1000); 280 (up to 2000); 380 (up to 4000); 10% of the claim (from 4000).

    CCP : 12-663148-5
    IBAN: CH5009000000126631485
    Mood Collection SA
    Z.I. des Ducats 40b
    1350 Orbe


    When you order in unknown size, we send you a measuring ring (Multisizer) with the instructions to send us your size.

    You can also order it for free here:


    Your order will be put into production as soon as you have communicated the correct size.

    In case of gift, please give us the size and mention that it is for a gift. The exchange will be possible within the deadlines mentioned in our terms of sale.

    You can, however, determine your approximated size by downloading this document.


    You receive for every purchase in store or online a confirmation of order. The order can be corrected within 24h free of charge. Beyond that, any changes may be subject to additional charges.

    The custom addons are not exchangeable, so it is essential to check all information when ordering, as well as in the confirmation email. It is the customer's responsibility to control this data.


    For a valid reason (size, width does not fit, etc.) we can exchange your ring for another size or width, provided that the ring is still new, within 15 days.

    The shipment must be sent to us in a plastic or bubble envelope, or package, with the original packaging to:

    mood collection SA
    Les Ducats 40b
    1350 Orbe

    Must be included in this return: the order number, your full contact details, the reason for the return and what you want in exchange when requesting an exchange.

    A refund can only be made within the return period mentioned on the site, subject to the perfect condition of the product, in its original packaging, accompanied by full contact details and proof of purchase and payment.

    No refunds can be made in store.

    Purchases from our resellers cannot be refunded in our own mood branches.

    ❗️From 15 November to 31 December 2023, the return and exchange period will be extended to 10 January 2024.❗️


    • Vouchers/discount codes are given out free of charge in the context of promotional offers. They have an expiration date, cannot be purchased and are not transferable.
    • The vouchers/discount codes are valid only during the period indicated and can be used only once in the context of a single order. Certain products may be excluded from the benefit of coupons (e.g. coupons/discount codes are not valid on items already on sale, FLASH collections, "Cause", accessories and personalized add-ons). A coupon/coupon code cannot be used to purchase gift cards. A minimum purchase amount may be specified for each coupon/code.
    • In order to use a coupon/coupon code, the order value must be at least equal to the amount of the discount. The difference between the amount of the coupon and the price of your order can be paid by any of the payment methods offered. The voucher is non-refundable and does not bear interest. In case of total or partial return of the goods, the part of the price paid by coupon/discount code will not be refunded.
    • To apply a coupon/coupon code to an order, you must enter the coupon code prior to checkout/order registration. The application of coupons to orders that have already been shipped is excluded. Unless otherwise stated, it is not possible to combine several coupons.
    • In case of misuse of coupons/discount codes, we reserve the right to cancel any order containing these coupons without prior notice. We also reserve the right not to grant any more coupons to a user who has misused them.
    • Coupons, gift certificates and codes are not valid at our retailers.
    • Vouchers/coupon codes cannot be used for the purchase of gift vouchers.


    • Gift cards can only be used for the purchase of items offered in our online shop www.yourmood.net or in our boutiques. The purchase of other gift cards with gift cards is excluded. You can pay the difference between the amount of the gift card and the price of your order by any of the payment methods offered.
    • In order to use the credit corresponding to a gift card, you must enter the code appearing on the gift certificate before sending your order. Gift certificates are not interest bearing and cannot be refunded.
    • Gift cards do not have a time limit for their use.


    Our contests are reserved to our customers. No purchase is necessary to participate in the contests created by mood collection.


    Custom addons are created and drawn by mood collection and corrected in collaboration with the customer.

    During custom addons, except when the addons are from the DIY collection and full digit addons, the project will be sent by email for validation.

    When the project is validated by the customer by email or in store, the customer accepts it and takes the responsibility to accept it when receiving the final part.

    A real test will not be carried out beforehand, except on express request of the customer after receipt and validation of the project, and only for custom addon made in silver or gold.

    A custom addon, when redone, due to exchange size, or if the cumstomer do not like it, or for any other reason, will be charged to the customer fully, including any precious stone settings, without price reduction.

    All drawings and custom addon projects belong entirely to mood collection and can not be reused, reproduced or used by the customer or other people.



    Warranty 3 months against any manufacturing defect.

    Acetate and polymer addons cannot be renovated.



    Guaranteed 1 month, other addons 3 months, of any manufacturing defect. Normal wear and tear not guaranteed. Free wood exchange the 1 month after purchase, No renovation possible.

    The wooden addons are to be handled gently. The breakage of a wooden addon is not covered by the warranty, except the first month after the purchase.
    An explanation on the maintenance and waxing are provided with the wooden addons, and can be requested at any time, by mail to contact@yourmood.net.


    Oxidised silver (not set and not engraved): deoxidation possible, price 20CHF.

    Engraved silver that has been used is usually made new again. The recycling price will then apply, i.e.:

    • medium 66CHF
    • 2/3 73CHF
    • full addon 80 CHF

    Renovation of set silver addons is subject to quotation.



    Renovation of the locking system is free of charge. Lifetime guarantee.

    If the base is damaged or deformed, no renovation will be possible.

    Renovation of the coloured surface treatment is charged at 45CHF, polishing of the uncoloured base at 15CHF.


    Setting is guaranteed 2 years against any manufacturing defect. 
    Breakage, loss of gem, crack, are not guaranteed and are subject to be charged for renovation or replacement.

    We do not guarantee any stone supplied by the customer. If a stone supplied by the customer breaks during the setting process, it will not be refunded or replaced free of charge.

    A quality certificate is provided with each piece set, and confirms their quality. Our diamonds and gemstones come from our approved suppliers in Switzerland.


    In order to avoid any risk of injury, we recommend that you do not perform manual work while carrying a finger ring. Mood collection shall in no way be held responsible for any injury or damage arising out while wearing the mood ring or of its break, any owner of the ring wears it at his entire responsibility, and may not sue mood collection in any way.

    We advise to always remove the closed ring, avoid removing the ring when it is opened in 2 parts. In case of injury, mood can in no way be held responsible.

    The mood ring can be cut or sawed in case of emergency. A ring that has had to be sawed or cut to be removed will not be refunded or replaced free of charge. The customer is responsible for wearing a ring with a fitting size, and mood can not be held responsible for any injury or loss of ring due to an incorrect ring size.

    If the ring is blocked on the finger, use soaped water to ease it's removal. Do not remove the ring in 2 parts (opened), always remove it in 1 part, closed.

    11. SHIPPING

    The shipping time for orders is as follows * :

    For any purchase of steel bases, aluminum, polymer or wood addons the delay is 3 to 5 business days.

    For jewelry addons (such as silver, gold, titanium, bronze, etc.), the delivery time is 7 business days.

    The delivery time for a tantalum addon can be up to 30 days.

    For the setting, the delivery time is 10 working days (this time is added to the initial delivery time in the case of an order of set addons or bases: example for a set silver addon, the delivery time is 17 working days (10 days + 7 days).

    The delay for a setting of a piece that you already own is 10 days from receipt of your piece in our workshops.

    For all bases requiring a surface treatment (example: black, chocolate, gold, bronze bases) the delay is 7 working days.

    A renovation of addon, base, black treatment or any other renovation may lead to additional delays depending on the renovation work.

    These times are approximate, no cancellation or reduction in price or compensation can be claimed in case of late delivery.

    All these delays are subject to stock shortage. The customer will be informed of the new delivery time in case of stock shortage or if the deadline cannot be met.

    The customer can contact mood for an express delivery or a quick processing of his order, mood reserves the right to charge an additional fee in these cases, and to accept or refuse this request. mood collection SA is not obliged to accept these requests, and cannot be held responsible for a delay in delivery.

    *These deadlines begin to run from the moment when all the information necessary to process the order is in the possession of Mood Collection SA (for example: confirmation of size, precision of the setting, etc.). Insofar as an advance payment is required by our credit control system, the period starts to run from the receipt of the payment.



    For all orders outside of Switzerland, the Swiss VAT is deducted from the price of the product.


    The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country of destination. Orders shipped outside Switzerland may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the country of destination.

    The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be met by the recipient; Mood Collection has no control over these charges, nor can Mood Collection predict what they may be.

    The law on exporting to Europe changed on 1 July 2021, and VAT now applies to all sales without exception.

    The customer is now required to pay the taxes upon receipt, which will be collected by the carrier.

    Customs and VAT taxes requested upon receipt of the goods by the customer must be paid by the customer, mood collection is under no obligation to refund or pay these taxes.

    The customer may refuse the parcel on receipt, and the goods will be returned to the sender (mood collection SA in Switzerland). Mood collection SA may no longer accept orders if the customer refuses the parcels or the payment of taxes.

    The customer is obliged to pay the taxes from now on upon receipt, which will be collected by the carrier.

    In the event of a return, mood collection SA may exchange the goods but no refund of taxes will be made by mood collection SA.

    In the case of an order including precious gems, additional customs and tax charges may be requested by customs or the carrier. mood collection SA is in no way responsible for additional charges and will not refund any charges.



    The general terms and conditions of sale hereinafter referred to as GTC correspond to the second-hand offer that mood collection SA makes available on its website https://www.yourmood.net and in its shop in Orbe.
    The terms and conditions are subject to change and mood collection SA reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions and/or the second-hand offer at any time. Mood collection SA shall then notify all persons who have accepted marketing communications.

    1. Glossary:

    mood collection SA : company providing the second-hand sales service
    : natural person offering a mood product for sale via the second-hand service.
    Buyer: Natural person purchasing a product from a buyer via the second-hand service
    Second-hand products: Second-hand products that have already been bought and worn.


    2.1 Authorised items. Only Items that meet all of the following conditions may be added to the Site:

    2.1.1 .The Item must belong to one of the categories in the Authorised Items section of the Catalogue Rules;

    2.1.2 The Seller must have the right to transfer ownership of the Item;

    2.1.3 The sale, use or possession of the Item must not infringe the rights of third parties (in particular intellectual property rights), or contravene any applicable local, national or international law or regulation. The Item must be safe and not counterfeit;

    2.1.4 The Item must comply with all current market requirements, unless otherwise agreed between the Buyer and the Seller;

    2.1.5 The seller must be resident in Switzerland or have an address in Switzerland.

    2.1.6 The seller must be in possession, or must be able to be in possession, of the information relating to the original order for the item to be offered for resale (purchaser details, order number, amount of the order, etc.). This enables the sale to be identified and the ownership of the goods to be certified.

    2.2 Adding an Item & assessing the request.

    2.2.1 Sending a resale request To add an Item to the Catalogue, the Seller must comply with all the Catalogue Rules. The Seller must complete the questionnaire in full and submit it to mood collection SA so that the resale request can be reviewed.

    Once the offer has been reviewed by mood collection SA, a resale price will be sent to the Seller by email, which the Seller is free to accept or refuse.

    The Seller undertakes to complete the application form in full and to upload three good quality photographs. Sellers may not use photographs found on the Internet and/or photographs of a similar Item.

    Photographs of the Item must reflect the actual condition and external appearance of the Item, as well as any defects, faults or alterations affecting the Item.

    2.2.2 Evaluation of the request. Mood Collection SA will evaluate all requests received from sellers. Mood collection SA reserves the right to refuse a request for resale or to put an item online.

    2.2.3 Parts accepted for resale. All mood parts and products will not be accepted for resale. The following products are accepted for resale (subject to acceptance by mood collection SA, see above):

    Addon | 2/3 addon | Mediums : Steel, Gold, Tantalum, Bronze, Silver, Titanium, Jewellery*

    Mood collection SA reserves the right to modify this list at any time.

    *2.2.3 Evaluation of a request To resell a piece of jewellery. The company mood collection SA may request that the piece of jewellery be sent to the following address mood collection SA, chemin du ducats 40b, 1350, Orbe, Switzerland, if evaluation by photo is not possible or if the company needs to evaluate the condition of the stones, the setting and the overall quality of the piece.
    Each piece of jewellery will have to be analysed by the mood collection SA teams in order to assess its condition and the refurbishment work required.

    2.3 Offer for sale.

    2.3.1 Submission of an item for resale. The seller approving the resale offer sent by mood collection SA, will receive a prepaid return label in order to send the product in question to mood collection SA.
    Once the product has been received by mood collection SA, it will be checked. Once the product has been approved by the verification teams, a product sheet will be created on the yourmood.net website in the "second hand" section so that it can be viewed by visitors and purchased.

    2.4 Remuneration for sellers and mood collection SA.

    2.4.1. Details of the offer for sale: Once the seller's item has been approved, received, checked, refurbished and published on the site, it becomes "available for viewing and ordering" by site visitors and customers.

    The resale price is proposed by mood collection SA once the request form has been sent by the seller.

    The proposed resale price is the selling price, inclusive of all taxes, which will be offered to customers of the yourmood.net website.

    mood collection SA will be responsible for :

    - Transport of the goods from the seller (in Switzerland) to its warehouses.
    - Quality control of the goods.
    - Renovation of the goods.
    - Putting the goods online.
    - The sale and related costs.
    - Preparation costs.

    Upon receipt of the selling price proposed by mood collection SA, the seller will have the following details of the selling price:

    - Resale price including VAT.
    - Percentage and amount of commission per mood on the trade-in.
    - Percentage and amount that will be paid in gift vouchers to the seller once the sale has been completed and the 14-day withdrawal period has passed.

    The company mood collection SA applies a standard and unique commission of 35% of the resale amount offered to the seller. No advance remuneration before sale shall be granted by mood collection SA to the seller.

    2.5. Item verification and certification.

    If, during the Item Verification, the experts identify a violation of the Catalogue Rules (for example, a prohibited Item), this indication may result in the rejection of the Item to the Warehouse. For further information, please contact us directly by contact@yourmood.net

    2.6  Modification or deletion of an advert.

    The Seller who has submitted an item to mood collection SA may withdraw it at any time before entering into a contract with a User for the sale of the item in question. To do so, the Seller must express its wish clearly and explicitly by email to contact@yourmood.net.

    Once the item has been withdrawn from sale, the seller may collect the item from the head office of mood collection SA or provide the company with a shipping label at the seller's expense.

    2.7 Description of the main parameters determining sorting.

    2.7.1 Sorting rules

    The advertisements shown in the default search results of the Buyers' Catalogue are sorted by "relevance" according to the following main criteria:

    • relevance to the search request (including the language of the request) ;
    • preferences of the Buyer's Account (categories, sizes) ;
    • historical data on the Buyer's browsing habits (sizes, price range, condition, brands of ads that the Buyer has viewed);
    • date on which the item was downloaded;

    The main parameters determining the sorting are intended to offer Buyers the best search experience. Thanks to these parameters, mood collection SA ensures that the ads presented higher up the sorting correspond as closely as possible to the User's expectations.

    2.7.2 Default sorting. When Buyers search for an Item, the ads are sorted by "relevance" by default


    3.1 Buyers can purchase Items on the Site by using the Buy button.

    3.1.1 Contract between the Buyer and mood collection SA.

    mood collection SA on the basis of (i) the description and photographs of the Item, (ii) the conditions agreed between the Buyer and mood collection SA and (iii) the applicable conditions included in these General Terms and Conditions. The Buyer undertakes to pay for the Item, mood collection SA undertakes to send the Item to the Buyer and the Seller undertakes to transfer ownership of the Item.

    3.2 Secure payments via the Integrated Payment System.

    For further information, please refer to section A - General terms and conditions of sale: orders and payment.


    4.1 Shipment Tracking System

    mood collection SA, the Buyer will be able to track the status of the delivery using the Shipment Tracking System. mood collection SA provides the Shipment Tracking System, which reflects the tracking information provided by the package's transport providers. Therefore, to the extent permitted by applicable law, mood collection SA disclaims any liability if the transport provider offering Integrated Shipping provides inaccurate, incomplete or outdated tracking information.

    4.2 Properties of second-hand items for sale on the site yourmood.net
    https://yourmood.net/ , ownership of the pieces remains with the sellers. The mood company is therefore responsible for storage, refurbishment, preparation of the part following the sale, and shipment to the buyer. The transfer of ownership between the seller and the buyer takes place upon receipt of the product by the buyer. The mood collection SA company is no longer responsible for the item upon receipt and acceptance of the goods by the buyer.

    4.3 Shipping options 
    Mood collection SA provides shipping services through external providers. The shipping options that may be available are described here. The company may, at any time, add, suspend or modify the transport service providers offered to Users. Users are responsible for consulting and accepting the general terms and conditions of the transport provider they choose.

    4.3.1 If the Item is confirmed as lost or damaged at any time during transport, including transport from the Seller to mood collection SA, from mood collection SA to the Buyer, Section 9.1.1 will apply with different compensation limits which can be found here in the Help Centre.

    4.3.2 Shipping outside Switzerland.

    Products offered in the ''second hand'' section cannot be shipped outside Switzerland.

    4.4 Payment of delivery charges.

    Shipping costs are paid by the Buyer, in addition to the price of the Item, before the payment process is finalised. The applicable delivery costs will be clearly indicated to the Buyer prior to any purchase. They may vary from one order to another, depending on factors such as the size of the parcel, the transport route, the transport provider and any promotions.

    4.5 Shipping commitment

    As soon as the Total Price has been paid by the Buyer, mood collection SA will inform the Seller that it must dispatch the Item to the Buyer within five (5) working days. mood collection SA is responsible for the proper packaging of the Item(s). If the Item is not properly packaged and the Item is damaged due to improper packaging, mood collection SA will compensate the Seller and refund the Buyer.
    These times are approximate, no cancellation or reduction in price or compensation can be claimed in the event of late delivery.

    4.6. Returns and exchanges

    4.6.1 Returns and refunds for buyers Second-hand products published on the https://www.yourmood.net/website can be returned and refunded within 14 days.

    4.6.2 Return of the goods by the seller.

    Second-hand products received by the mood collection company are still the property of the seller and may be recovered by the seller at any time. To do so, the seller must explicitly express his wish to have his goods returned by email (send to contact@yourmood.net). If the item has already been refurbished by mood collection SA, the costs of the refurbishment will be invoiced to the seller, as will the costs of returning the item to the seller. If the part has not yet been refurbished when the seller requests the withdrawal of his product, no costs will be applied. However, the seller must send mood collection SA a returns label, organise collection of the part or collect the part in person.


    5.1 Payment of the sale price to the seller.

    mood collection SA undertakes to pay the seller the amount of the sale accepted by the seller when submitting the product, less the commission taken by mood collection SA (this being clearly indicated in the confirmation email that the seller receives for approval).
    The amount to be paid to the seller will be a gift voucher available (in the form of a gift card) in the seller's customer area to be redeemed on the https://www.yourmood.net/ website.
    The amount will be paid once the buyer's withdrawal period has expired.

    5.2 Taxes.
    Mood collection SA declines all responsibility for any tax or declaration obligations that may arise from Users' activities on the Site. With regard to the amounts of sales transferred by mood collection SA, sellers are solely responsible for any tax obligations resulting from applicable legislation.

    5.3 Responsibility for Item Verification.

    Mood collection SA shall have the following rights and limitations in respect of the Item Verification Service:

    1. If and to the extent that mood collection SA verifies the authenticity of the Item, mood collection SA shall carry out this task with due professional care and diligence, in the form of a visual check carried out by duly trained personnel. These personnel will examine, on the basis of objective criteria, including their knowledge of the brand and the information available to them, whether the Item is authentic.

    2. In the event of verification of the Item, mood collection SA shall be liable in accordance with the applicable laws, including for the entirety of the damage in the event of intentional or grossly negligent behaviour, in the event of culpable injury to life, body and health and in the event of compulsory legal liability. In the event of culpable violation of essential contractual obligations, i.e. main obligations that enable the proper execution of the contract and on which the User relies and can rely, mood collection SA assumes liability; in this case, the liability of mood collection SA is limited to the typical and reasonably foreseeable damage from the contract. Any further liability of mood collection AG is excluded. This limitation of liability also applies to legal representatives, executives and vicarious agents of mood collection SA.

    6 RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS OF mood collection SA

    6.1 Modification of the section & of the Site mood collection SA may, at any time, in order to improve the user-friendliness of the Site, reorganise the Catalogue, the advertising spaces or other items of information concerning the Items.

    These modifications shall not cause any prejudice to the Sellers and shall not restrict the obligations of mood collection SA under these General Terms and Conditions.

    6.2 Security of items mood collection SA undertakes to guarantee the security and safekeeping of items entrusted to it by sellers. An inventory will be carried out by mood upon receipt of the goods and sent to the seller for acceptance.