A birthday gift for your best friend

In a few days, 11.11 is the opening of Carnival, but also my best friend's birthday! You know that special person who's been supporting you since ..... That person with whom every shared moment is a laugh or a comfort. That special friend who knows what you're thinking before you've even taken a breath to express yourself.

Even though we're not really the gift-giving type, this year I decided to give him a mood ring.

So, yes, he's had one for a few years, but I wanted to vary his collection a little. For a long time, he's been wearing a rather discreet mood, a steel base with a titanium addon, sometimes 3 mediums (blue, yellow and grey) or a personalized addon in tribute to someone dear to his heart.

Well, I'm going to revolutionize her jewelry a little! I've chosen a black base to make it more visually present, and inside, I've slipped in a stag bellow addon with a black insert. So he can wear a piece designed by me. (the little extra touch).

Goodbye pretty, discreet ring.... Here's a jewel as assertive as his gentle scorpion character!

brame, homme, cadeau, interchangeable

Are you going to tell me I'm taking risks? Mmm... I don't think so! I know him well enough to know that he'll like it, and it's also a nice way of telling him how much I appreciate him. And if he really doesn't like it, he'll always have the option of stopping by the boutique to make an exchange! It'll be a great way to spend some quality time.

So, if you too feel like pampering your best friend, or spoiling your lifelong friend, don't hesitate to offer him or her a mood! In our boutiques, we have gift sets to get you started. You'll be able to put together a piece of jewelry that matches his or her personality, and it'll be a new way of exchanging ideas and something so much fun to share together! And if he or she is already a fan of mood, just dive into our stock and I'm sure you'll find the perfect add-on to wish them a happy birthday!

And if you want to personalize your present even further, you can even offer him or her an addon engraved with your most beautiful moments of friendship! A souvenir of your 400 moves, your emotional moments.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is to show your friend that he or she is precious to you, and that you've taken the time to choose a gift that suits him or her.

So go for it! Come and see us, we'll help you prepare this lovely surprise!