How to protect animal welfare with heart and mind?

While browsing our site, you will surely come across designs and collections with animals from time to time. They're cute, fun and a lot of people love them, including us. What if we did a little more than just use them as inspiration for our collections?

A few months ago, in August, we wanted to help animals in distress again. We turned to the Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare (SUST) in Zurich.
An efficient association in its work and very kind in our exchanges. Its spirit and its reality in the field convinced us to give our support - thanks to you!

Our Designer then created a beautiful collection in collaboration with SUST. The colors in accordance with the image of SUST, the choice of materials, the drawings, ... everything was thought to link the universe of SUST and that of mood.

With this collection we contribute in our own way to protect and improve the welfare of animals.
6 Addons have been created, 3 in polymer, one in aluminum, one in wood and one in silver.
15% of the sales of this collection will be donated to the Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare.
This is why we do not offer the possibility to use a discount code when purchasing this collection.

About the Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Protection:
Animal protection with heart and mind: effective and sustainable

The Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare (SUST) aims to reduce or even prevent animal suffering in Switzerland and in many other countries. The foundation, founded by the Zurich-based journalist and animal photographer Susy Utzinger, works in particular in the field of pets and shelters.

SUST focuses on five effective actions:
🐶 support for animal shelters
🐶 sterilization actions to control stray animals
🐶 training and development of professionals
🐶 public education.
🐶 immediate assistance

By ordering a mood ring from the SUST collection, you also contribute to the SUST foundation. Get involved at your level!

Discover the SUST collection here!

Discover SUST here!