mood: 20 years of an epic story

20 years of good mood! 

In 2004, somewhere on a train travelling between Paris and the Vallée de Joux (Switzerland), a luminous idea took shape. Swiss designer Cédric Chevalley, a master in the art of jewelry-making and a virtuoso of precision mechanics, combined his skills with boundless audacity to create a unique creation: the mood ring. Thus began the story of a brand that would soon capture the imagination of thousands of mood lovers around the world.
It was in 2015 that the first 100% mood boutique emerged, rising like a lighthouse amidst a sea of convention. The inauguration marked the start of an epic journey, in which every step was an adventure, every challenge an opportunity and every success an affirmation of the bold vision that animated mood.
In these 20 years of conquest, the mood ring has risen beyond the confines of a jewelry brand to become a symbol of freedom, creativity and commitment.
In its two decades of existence, mood has transcended the boundaries of mere commerce to become a veritable cultural phenomenon. From wild parties at the MAD in Lausanne, to kitesnow and kitesurf competitions in Switzerland, France and Portugal, to events as daring as a design show in Tokyo and the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles, mood has injected vitality wherever it has gone.
But mood didn't just shine on the international stage. It also plunged into the heart of communities, supporting hundreds of local associations and working for causes close to her heart. From the fight against cancer to helping victims of natural disasters, mood was there, lending her support and solidarity where it counted.
In these 20 years of epic travel, mood has always carried a vision deeply rooted in respect for our planet. Sensitive to the environmental challenges facing the world, mood has embarked on a mission to inspire change, not only through its creations, but also through concrete action.
One of mood's most striking initiatives was to raise customer awareness of responsible waste management, particularly during the global pandemic in 2020, by tackling the issue of used masks. Faced with the proliferation of these disposable masks in our environment, mood made a vibrant appeal to its customers to encourage them not to abandon them in the wild. Instead, mood set up an innovative program to collect used masks, transforming them into synthetic diamonds. These masks were recovered in collaboration with various organizations, helping to raise public awareness of the importance of environmental responsibility.
And while mood lit up the world with its good vibes, it never forgot its roots.

Close to its customers, it treated them like members of her own family, involving them in every stage of her evolution, listening to their suggestions, and sharing their dreams.
So, after two decades of existence, Mood continues to shine brightly, guided by the same passion, creativity and commitment that marked its beginnings. And as it looks to the future, it leaves behind a legacy of good humor, inspiration and positivity, ready to write the next chapters of its epic story.

A few dates:

After taking shape in the mind, then in the hands of designer Cédric Chevalley, the mood ring was launched in Lausanne on November 25.

mood is selected by the Blickfang design fair and flies to Tokyo.

In line with its values of play, freedom and fun, mood enters the world of board sports.

Start of sponsorship and participation in numerous extreme sports events. First edition of the yourmood kitecups for snowkiting and kitesurfing, which will become biennial events.

10 years of the brand.
Development of an exceptional piece of mood jewelry.
The brand's 10th anniversary will be celebrated at the Bal des Créateurs in Geneva.

Opening of the first mood store in Orbe in October.
With the opening of its first mood store in Orbe, a small town of just over 6,700 inhabitants in the northern Vaud region, mood has reached an important milestone in its existence. With the creation of its own distribution network, the company aims to expand its range of services and be even closer to its customers.

In short:
- February: Vernier showroom opens.
- April: the brand is selected for a trip to Los Angeles for the MTV Movie Awards to present its concept to the world of showbiz.
- July: opening of the second mood store in Martigny.
- November: opening of the third mood store in Barcelona. The first outside our borders.


🔍2016 : In July, a second store will open. The Valais region is targeted with the opening of this second mood store in Martigny. This year will be exceptional in terms of expanding the distribution network, with a third store opening in November. This time, mood leaves the tranquility of the Swiss landscape to set up shop in a bohemian district of Barcelona, where artists, craftsmen and designers rub shoulders all day long. International markets open their doors to the small Swiss label.
In short:

- Opening of the fourth mood store in Carouge, Geneva.
- Beginning of partnership with Sébastien Buemi, multiple Formula Electric world champion and flagship brand ambassador.


🔍 2017 mood continues its momentum. In March, the brand set down its suitcases of interchangeable rings in the beautiful little town of Carouge, in Geneva. But why in this place? As is often the case with mood, opportunity played its part. But apart from that, the town of Carouge was the brand's priority. With its charming, peaceful, bobo feel, this small Geneva town is the ideal place to set up a mood store. The town's history also demonstrates its ability to reinvent and transform itself over time. An asset that resonates with the mood team, who pursue the same philosophy.


In short:
Launch of the brand's first mobile app.
Opening of a showroom in the Zurich area.
mood receives the award from Adenova on June 27, 2018.


🔍 2018 After opening 4 mood stores in less than 3 years, the label is putting store openings on hold to concentrate on developing its various points of sale and its online market, including the launch of its first mobile application. The brand's gamble of opening physical points of sale, which goes against the current market trend, has paid off. Here are a few figures to prove it. Mood went from sales of CHF 3,600,00 in 2017 to sales of CHF 6,100,000 in 2018, representing growth of 69%! It's important to remember that the SME's sales amounted to just CHF 600,000 in 2015. In terms of orders, the company also notes a significant increase. The brand processed no fewer than 31,200 orders in 2018 compared with 26,000 in 2017 (+20%), an average of 85 orders per day. The number of employees remained fairly stable compared to 2017, with the label now employing around thirty people.


In 2019, the label will reach a major milestone in its existence with the opening of its very first mood store in German-speaking Switzerland. This opening is the missing stone in the brand's development on the other side of the Röstigraben. Mood remains in Switzerland, but with a totally different culture, as the Swiss German market is not approached in the same way as the Swiss French. The multi-cultural nature of Switzerland can be complicated for a company to deal with, given the different mentalities within a single country. For mood, this aspect is a strength. With her open-mindedness and quest for freedom, mood is sure to create a strong bond with her new Swiss-German community.

Beginning of partnership with Belinda Bencic, Olympic Tennis Champion.


Despite the worldwide pandemic, 3 sales outlets open: Fribourg, Zermatt and Los Angeles.

Launch of a range of "C. Diams" range of synthetic diamonds made from used surgical masks.


Start of development of an innovative mobile boutique concept, scheduled for completion by 2023.



Opening of an ephemeral boutique with Liliflo, in Lausanne. Collaboration and development of a special collection with Liliflo, a Swiss interchangeable jewelry brand.



- Opening of a temporary boutique in Vevey.
- Setting up a MOOD MARKET PLACE.
- Reinforcement of the mood jewelry brand.


Conversion of the Carouge (GE) boutique into a workshop-shop.
Scheduled to open on March 6, 2024.