Creating a unique Swiss ring: the art of paper and steel cutting

Switzerland is renowned for its quality craftsmanship and dedication to tradition. Today, we're going to discover the story behind the creation of an exceptional ring, combining the art of paper-cutting with the strength of steel.

You probably know Muriel, our colleague from Martigny, whose hobby is paper cutting. In her spare time, you'll find her with her nose over a magnifying glass fixed to her worktable, her hands working with surgical precision. A flick of the scalpel and the tiny piece falls away. The magic of cut paper, emptiness becomes form, and when light plays with it, the pattern is revealed.

This traditional art inspired our new creation, "Cut Poya".

Poyas are famous Swiss paintings depicting scenes of rural and pastoral life. These works of art are made from cut paper, and showcase our beautiful Alpine landscapes. And it's from this know-how, whose cradle lies in the Pays d'Enhaut, that Muriel drew her inspiration for the design of our Cut Poya. In keeping with the tradition of decoupage, all the elements of our ring's design are interconnected. It tells the story of life in the mountains. The alpine hut where the cheese is made, the cows and goats and their shepherds in the meadows, but also the festival with an Alpine horn player and folk dancers.


Muriel wanted to retain the meticulous detail that she could achieve with her scalpel in this addon. Quite a challenge with a height of 7mm! But the magic of technology made it possible to retain the delicate, intricate pattern of our colleague's drawing.

This time, Muriel put down her scalpel for vector drawing software to trace the contours of this typically Swiss design. Curves and vectors form the essence of our story in just a few strokes.

Once the design is complete, it's time for the magic of the technique! A small beam, following the curves of Muriel's design, sculpts the steel to create a unique ring. A spark of art in the creation of this steel lace jewel. We're fortunate to benefit from technological advances that enhance the beauty of our jewelry. And our manufacturing method has brought unrivalled precision, finesse and creativity. The jewels become true works of art, capturing the essence of human creativity and technological innovation. Each piece of cut jewelry tells a story, in this case the story of our lovely part of the world. We've combined traditional paper-cutting skills, Muriel's creativity and the power of modern technology to create pieces that will enchant you.