5 original rings with a 100% Swiss design

Cheese, chocolate, the Alps, watches. Switzerland is a country known the world over for its quality and customs. When it comes to jewelry, the country is home to major watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Breguet, as well as Cartier, Chopard and... mood of course!

Mood manufactures and commercializes a unique ring with a system of interchangeable rings so that anyone can personalize their jewelry and collect patterns and colors to match any outfit, according to their mood.

Tired of traditional jewelry? Looking for something original and daring? We've created 5 original rings with designs typical of the land of fondue. We'll show you!

3D Matterhorn ring in silver

Bague interchangeable mood en argent 925 avec le cervin en 3D

Mountains are an important part of the Swiss landscape. Our jewelers have designed a high-quality 925 sterling silver ring with a 3D relief representing the great Valais peak. It's a highly original piece of jewelry, yet very discreet when worn on the finger.

Like every mood ring, it comes with a stainless steel structure that can be opened and closed to accommodate any of mood's interchangeable rings.

The Matterhorn is perhaps Switzerland's most emblematic mountain. It lies on the edge of the town of Zermatt, where you can find one of our most beautiful boutiques.

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Ring in steel with Edelweiss flowers

bague interchangeable mood avec motifs de fleur edelweiss et anneau en aluminium rouge

It's known as the Queen of the Alps or the Snow Star. The Edelweiss is a popular Swiss symbol used by many brands for its unique appearance, symbolizing rarity, purity and Swissness!

Our designers have created a stainless steel crown adorned with flowers randomly distributed around the ring.

Thanks to the mood interchangeable ring system, you can choose the color to match the flowers on your jewel.

For the record, this ring was our biggest success in 2022 and 2023!

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Ring engraved with Swiss cantons

bague interchangeable mood en aluminum avec gravure des cantons suisses

Each region of the country has its own history, customs, laws and monuments.

We've created a collection of rings with engravings representing the Swiss cantons. You can choose the ring of your region, or collect them all and add them to your ring thanks to mood's interchangeable ring system.

Wearing a ring with the motifs of your canton can be a way to celebrate a cantonal event or to wear an original piece of jewelry when out with friends. It's also a great conversation piece, because it's not something you see every day!

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Support ring for the Swiss soccer team

bague interchangeable mood rouge pour la nati équipe suisse de football

Support the Nati with this original ring engraved with messages of support in the country's official languages. Hopp Schwiiz!

In addition to the football-themed ring, you can open the ring and change the ring thanks to the mood interchangeable system.

In Switzerland, we have a huge number of sports. The most popular are skiing, tennis, wrestling and soccer. There are also a huge number of running races, such as the Lausanne 20 kilometers, and trail events like Sierre-Zinal or the Swiss Peaks.

Ring in stainless steel "Poya" with the Swiss Alps

bague interchangeable mood rouge avec gravure en acier poya des alpes suisses

Wear an original piece of jewelry with the color of your choice and a stainless steel ring engraved with alpine landscapes. The ring is of the highest quality and made entirely in Switzerland. Thanks to the interchangeable ring system, you can have several colors and adapt them to suit your outfit of the day. A huge commercial success that has delighted our 55,00 customers!

In Romansh dialect, "poya" means "ascent". This is when farmers make the transhumance, bringing their herds of cows to graze in the high pastures. It's also synonymous with a popular festival where farmers dress in folkloric costumes and certain cows wearing flower preparations are designated as queens.

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