The most interchangeable ring in the world

The mood ring is a swiss made interchangeable jewelry created in 2004.

With his customizable rings, you can adapt your mood to your style at any time.

Interchangeable system

Each mood ring has a base and one or more addons. The ring has a high-quality swiss made "clip" system which allows your ring to evolve with you.

For one ring, you can create a collection of hundreds of interchangeable addons to have every style depending on your outfit or the mood of the day.

Thousands possibilities

There are so many different addons with customizable options.

You can choose the base of the ring, the material, some engravment and other things as diamonds and precious stones.

"Mood is doing awesome and original rings that can fit to your mood of the day. More exciting things to come !"

– Belinda Bencic, olympic champion

More than a simple ring

En plus d'être une marque moderne, innovante et dotée d'un concept original, mood a la prétention de vouloir créer des bijoux pour chaque individu et chaque personnalité en s'accrochant à ses valeurs d'origine:

As a innovative contemporary ring with an unique concept, mood has the pretention to create a ring for every personality by promoting his core values: