With the mood ring, your project can become our creation!

 Your project, our creation!

A personal project is an idea of your own, a story, a memory. It's your Thanks to our talented production team, you can now make that special longing for a tailor-made gem a reality, by yourself, for yourself.

Like the story behind our favorite butterfly! One customer had a powerful, magical 
dream filled with butterflies, but that  wasn't the end of it! One day, I started thinking about an eclipse, like an almost impossible dream that could maybe come true... all I needed was a black diamond, a symbol of the eclipse. And then my personal project came into being thanks to the magic of mood!

Maybe you, too, have a story to tell us? A project you have pending, an idea waiting to come to fruition? Well, you need wait no longer. Come and meet our amazing team. We'll show you how your dream can become a reality!