L'interview de Noëmi Zullig, dessinatrice de l'addon Mandala "Nalini"

Interview de Noëmi Zullig, dessinatrice du nouvel addon mandala, "Nalini"


Mood : Hi Noemy, is it correct or is it Noemie? Can you present yourself really quickly? 

Noëmi : My Name is Noëmi Züllig, I’m 17 years old and I live in a small city called Wil.

I’m French, American and Swiss. In my freetime I like to dive, sing and draw flowers/mandalas.


Mood : I received some pictures of your Mandalas from your English teacher.. He told me, that you drew them during his English lesson  

I guess, you were inspired by the lesson, right?

(don't worry, he will maybe not read the answer)

Noëmi :Of course I was inspired by the English class!

Mandalas are like doodling for me, so in school I draw them all over my hands and arms. (My teacher sometimes gets annoyed by it, because I don’t pay attention, but he doesn’t say anything as long as my grades stay good)


Mood :  When did you start drawing mandalas, and what inspires you?

Noëmi :I don’t really know, what inspires me but I just like to draw them. A reason could be, that those flowers are the only thing I can draw. I started when I was probably 7 years old. My aunt in America is an artist, so she bought me my first „drawing utensils“ and also showed me some tricks to draw freehanded.


Mood : Do you know mood, the mood ring?

Noëmi : I heard of it. It is a ring, which you can exchange the pattern. Right?


Mood : Thanks a lot and congratulations for drawings, keep up the good work!

Noëmi : Thank you a lot! And I feel honored that you like my drawings.