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L'interview de Noëmi Zullig, dessinatrice de l'addon Mandala "Nalini"

septembre 27, 2017

L'interview de Noëmi Zullig, dessinatrice de l'addon Mandala

Interview de Noëmi Zullig, dessinatrice du nouvel addon mandala, "Nalini"


Mood : Hi Noemy, is it correct or is it Noemie? Can you present yourself really quickly? 

Noëmi : My Name is Noëmi Züllig, I’m 17 years old and I live in a small city called Wil.

I’m French, American and Swiss. In my freetime I like to dive, sing and draw flowers/mandalas.


Mood : I received some pictures of your Mandalas from your English teacher.. He told me, that you drew them during his English lesson  

I guess, you were inspired by the lesson, right?

(don't worry, he will maybe not read the answer)

Noëmi :Of course I was inspired by the English class!

Mandalas are like doodling for me, so in school I draw them all over my hands and arms. (My teacher sometimes gets annoyed by it, because I don’t pay attention, but he doesn’t say anything as long as my grades stay good)


Mood :  When did you start drawing mandalas, and what inspires you?

Noëmi :I don’t really know, what inspires me but I just like to draw them. A reason could be, that those flowers are the only thing I can draw. I started when I was probably 7 years old. My aunt in America is an artist, so she bought me my first „drawing utensils“ and also showed me some tricks to draw freehanded.


Mood : Do you know mood, the mood ring?

Noëmi : I heard of it. It is a ring, which you can exchange the pattern. Right?


Mood : Thanks a lot and congratulations for drawings, keep up the good work!

Noëmi : Thank you a lot! And I feel honored that you like my drawings.


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