Let’s talk about mood! Texte par Coccole Jarvis


Merci Coccole Jarvis pour ce super article :) 

Let’s talk about moods!
I looked up the definition of mood, and here is what I found: “A temporary state of mind or feeling”.
So by this definition, do we control our moods or do they just come and go as the want? Do our moods control us or do we control them.

Emotional moods normally get triggered by something that “happens” around us, and they are there for a reason. Like crossing the road and getting scared by a fast car passing, you might feel fear but your brain is actually telling you: hey be careful and act fast if needed!

What I think we need to remember is that no one comes and wakes you up in the morning saying: Hey you, you need to be in a bad mood today! So, let’s be the best version of ourselves as much as we can. 


And what better than having a great accessory that you can change depending on your fashion mood that day?

But let’s talk about Fashion Moods

The amazing thing about fashion is that we have so many options of styling everything as we feel!

Fashion mood is triggered by an internal feeling or imagination. Your fashion mood works best if it is in synergy and relates to the environment that you are dressed for, who you are and who we surround ourselves to.


This ring from yourmood.net is an exchangeable ring were you are able to change the center colour piece depending on your mood or fashion style that day.


I got this Nude Pack as I wanted colours that

could suit my everyday style and mood!

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Photography by Lucien Agasse and Thierry Galeuchet.