1st mood store opening

mood store, by mood collection

mood collection opens it’s very first « mood store » this Friday 2nd October at 7:00pm.

Less thant a year after the celebration of its tenth year of constat renewed creations and evolution, the swiss brand "mood" opens it's very first mood store. 
The mood customizable ring, created in 2004 by swiss designer Cedric Chevalier, has become over the years much more thant a simple fashion accessory : an eclectic community of worldwide passionate and addict customers has been developed over these 10 years of existence. 
Until now, the brand was distributed mainly over its online shop www.yourmood.net and via its resellers network, inside and outside Switzerland. 
It was about time that the brand gets its own space reflecting its universe nd where customer could come and take the time to select their ring, discover numerous colors touch the different matters, in short : see the mood ring for real. 
Raw space for a contemporary jewel out of the ordinary. 
The choice of space that will host now countless collections of the brand fell on an atypical space, since it is in an industrial hall that the mood store will be created. 
In choosing to expose and sell this jewel in such a place, mood moves out of standard sanitized tradcition of jewelry sops. The mood brand hence remains true to itself : the revival of traditional jewelry. 
This renovated industrial hall will offert 50 square meters fully dedicated to the brand where a multitude of colors, material and different designs are waiting for the fans of the first hour as well as for future aficionados. 
A more confined space will also be developed to enable lovers to choose their futur alliances within the wide choice offered by the mood jewelry collection. 
Open from Tueday to Saturday, this first mood store will no doubt soon become a must see and a meeting point for friends in it bar lounge with a coffee area. 
Opening Octobre 2, 2015, at 7:00 pm 
Ribbon cutting will happen on October 2nd, 2015, at 7pm. this inauguration will undoubtedly be unforgettable with, amongst other things, the exposure of hundreds of jewelry, the discovery of the latest collections, live painting, a rock band to discover, DJ Moon and the outstanding presence of the "mood ambassadors", all for the pleasure of the two sparkling brand managers : Stéphanie Pousaz and Arlette Bélat.