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We welcome you on the website www.moodjoaillerie.net (hereinafter: Site), property of mood collection which is headquartered at Sergey, Switzerland. If you want to visit or purchase on the Site, you accept the terms set forth. We recommend that you carefully read these terms and conditions (hereinafter: terms). Unless provided otherwise, the Site must indeed not be used differently from what is exhibited here.

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mood collection gives you a personal account (hereinafter: personal account) non exclusive limited access and private use of the Site. The personal account is non-transferable. Personal account gives you no right to modify, you appropriate, delete or even alter the content of the website in any manner whatsoever. Personal account includes also any right of resale or commercial use of the Site or its contents. You have no right to gather, disseminate, assign, transfer or otherwise make a commercial use, even derived from the content of the Site. Personal account does not allow you to reproduce, copy, create links, sell, resell or otherwise exploit for commercial purposes any portion of the Site without the written consent from mood collection. No personal account is granted to you to place a part of the Site in any Internet environment nor to use signs mood collection, as for example the metatags or other portions of hidden text, on another web site, or other electronic media or printed.

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