We're turning masks into diamonds

Second edition of the diamonds "C.diams" - color pink coral.

The crazy project of a Swiss company


It has become our constant companion, the one we put in our bags, in our cars and especially... on our faces...


But... looking around us, in the forest, in the mountains, at the sea or in the city, we realized that our new companion had already become the new enemy of our beautiful planet. Seeing these masks wandering in the nature, an idea came to us. Why not recycle them or more exactly... UPCYCLING them and something even crazier... why not transform them into diamonds, like we did with Sebastien Buemi's crashed car or Belinda Bencic's tennis racket.

After a few brainstorming sessions, we came to the following conclusion: yes, it is possible to transform masks into diamonds!


So we decided to start collecting masks, disinfecting them and start their transmutation process... In a few months, the masks will be ancient history... we will be able to show our most beautiful smiles again, which will shine like diamonds that will have hatched during this time.

Interchangeable ring with 3 diamonds C.diams

Sold out

Interchangeable ring with 3 diamonds C.diams

Sold out

Interchangeable ring "Abelia" with C.diams

Sold out

Interchangeable ring Gold "Abelia" with C.diams

Sold out

Yes, it is possible

The masks collected by mood, its partners and customers are disinfected and transported to our laboratories in Switzerland. The raw material (polyprolylene) is cut and reduced to powder, then mixed and compressed using technical processes that we have the secret of.

Then, these materials are subjected to high pressures (150k bar) and temperatures (between 1200° and 1400°). The masks are put to the test during this process which consists in reproducing in a few months what Nature does in several thousand years.

After 3 months, the first diamonds are born and we can then revalue these new stones in the creation of our jewelry.

2nd edition: pink-coral

1st edition: fancy blue

The stars are talking about it

"The diamonds are amazing! Mood makes beautiful jewelry that can be tailored to each individual depending on their mood or desire. I look forward to future collaborations with this brand."

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